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The Toyota Tacoma is the bestselling compact pickup in America. The Tacoma Prerunner, 4x4, double and access cab trucks are among the most popular used pickups on the market today. This site is dedicated to educating consumers about Used Tacoma Trucks directly from owners themselves. You will also find information about used Tacoma parts such as tailgates and other accessories.

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Toyota Tacoma History:

The first generation Toyota Tacoma replaced the Toyota Hilux which was simply known as the Toyota Pickup in the US. The Tacoma was available in both 4 and 6 cylinder versions along with Prerunner and 4X4 trim packages available. Regular, Extended and Xtra cab were available options.

The second generation Toyota Tacoma Pickup Truck introduced in 2005 introduced a six speed transmission and the X-Runner trim. Since the year 2000 Toyota Tacoma sales have been between one and two hundred thousand per year, with sales topping 110,000 in 2011.

Craigslist Toyota Pickup First released in 1995 The Toyota Tacoma is a pickup truck manufactured and marketed by the Toyota Motor Corporation. The Tacoma was designed as a compact pickup until the second generation model redesign in 2005 when it was reclassified to a mid-size. The 2nd-Gen Tacoma was Motor Trend Truck of the Year for 2005.

Since 1995 the Toyota Tacoma has gained a large following among truck owners because of its versatility and durability. Used Tacoma's retain their value better than any other truck currently on the market. It seems that people love their Tacoma's and will not let them go easily. It's not uncommon to find a trusty Tacoma with over 300,000 miles on it. It seems that no other truck has the longevity that the Tacoma has, and no matter how beat up the trucks are they manage to keep running. Read below for a truck review from an actual Used Toyota Tacoma owner.

Used Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Double Cab Owner Review

Tacoma Features, Specifications & Configurations

The Tacoma comes in several different configurations. There are single cab compact models that come with a 2.4 liter four cylinder engine with two wheel drive standard and an optional four wheel drive transmission.

There is an extended cab model with two or four wheel drive options commonly equipped with a 2.7 liter or 3.4 liter engine. Toyota also decided to release the Tacoma in a double cab version that offers a full back seat and most commonly comes with the 3.4 liter v6 in either the two wheel drive pre runner model or the four wheel drive sr5.

Toyota also offers a TRD (Toyota racing development) version of every Tacoma they offer which features a better stock suspension and reinforced drive train.

Tacoma 4X4 Offroad and Aftermarket Parts

Tacoma's have become a favorite among off road enthusiasts because of their durability and upgradability. Because of the trucks popularity, there is a large amount of aftermarket parts that can be useful for increasing the performance of the trucks. Tacomas can be found at nearly any off road event. Weekend warriors to professional off-roaders love the Tacoma because it can be built up and torn apart affordably.

Toyota Tacoma as a Daily Driver & Family Vehicle

Not everyone who drives a Tacoma are looking to put the truck through it's paces off road. Tacoma's are also at home as a family vehicle. The double cab offers enough room for four adults to sit comfortably, and the bed in the back offers more than enough room to haul camping gear or ice chests for family outings.

Newer models offer an AC plugin in the rear of the truck that is also useful for running power tools or lighting. Tacoma's also have a five star crash rating and can be outfitted with side impact airbags. The Tacoma features anti-lock brakes, electronic brake force distribution, and brake assist.

Toyota Tacoma Buying Tips & Summary

The Tacoma has gone through two generations of body styles, and has maintained a steady following it's whole career. Used Tacomas are usually not found easily because these trucks just don't wear out. Ask any Tacoma owner about their truck and they are sure to be as proud of it as the day they first got it.

Tacoma's are for people who work hard and play hard and need a truck that can be with them every step of the way. Used or new, a Tacoma will be worth the investment. If you are looking to buy a truck, the Tacoma should be at the top of your list.


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